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The new stage of
fuel evolution!
  • Engine efficiency is increased
  • Acceleration time of the vehicle is reduced
  • Noise and vibration are minimized
  • Engine reliability is enhanced
  • Gas pedal sensitivity is improved
  • Piston and exhaust system are cleaned
  • Smooth vehicle movement is enhanced
  • Fuel standard remains unchanged
By using O2 Drive
O2 Drive is an ionic complex comprising platinum, palladium, rhodium, and other rare earth minerals, as well as catalysts from the lanthanide group.
O2 Drive impacts all stages of engine operation, enhancing its efficiency and reliability
Fullerides of rubidium and cesium transfer oxygen from the combustion initiation phase to the fuel burning stage, ensuring more complete combustion of the fuel-air mixture without the formation of deposits and soot. Additionally, they equalize the shock wave velocities generated in the combustion chamber. As a result, the efficiency of the system is increased, leading to reduced fuel consumption.
Rare earth metal compounds prevent the explosion of the fuel-air mixture by forcing it to burn quickly and evenly, reducing the combustion temperature of the fuel and minimizing the risk of knock ignition (preventing engine damage).
Lanthanides coat the internal parts of the engine with a strong molecular ionic film, which reduces friction and noise during operation.
The ions of platinum group metals initiate the catalytic process of cleaning the combustion chamber of the engine and cylinder rings, breaking down internal deposits and reducing oil consumption. After a short period of time, the engine is completely cleaned and restored to factory specifications, significantly reducing the risk of breakdowns.
Entering the exhaust system, O2 Drive continues its work by cleaning the catalytic converter and reducing the load on the particulate filter.
With the presence of the EGR valve, additional cleaning of the intake manifold occurs, eliminating the delay in fuel delivery to the combustion chamber. This improves the quality of the air-fuel mixture, reducing fuel consumption and significantly decreasing the concentration of harmful gases.
Thanks to the implementation of Ecopure-Ex, enterprises:
On average, Ecopure-Ex saves each plant over
$1,500,000 annually
O2 Drive represents the next stage in the development of the industrial combustion catalyst Ecopure-Ex, which has proven itself in the toughest conditions, such as on quarry dump trucks, excavators, and underground equipment.
Our product is trusted to maintain machinery worth millions of dollars, as holding company executives understand that Ecopure-Ex is essential for the efficient operation of the equipment.
- Save between 10% and 17% of fuel
- Reduce maintenance costs and prolong equipment lifespan
- Decrease emissions of toxic gases by up to 97%
Our research division has modified the formula of Ecopure-Ex, tailoring it for regular automobiles, thereby providing ordinary drivers access to technologies previously exclusive to industrial giants.
Example of diesel engine revival with O2 Drive catalyst
Diesel engine valves with mileage of 480,000 km
Diesel engine valves after 3 tanks of O2 Drive application (1200 km)
What you will get with regular use:
O2 Drive is absolutely safe and most effective when used consistently
Suitable for gasoline, diesel, and gas motor fuel!
Safe overtaking due to increased dynamics and torque
Peace of mind for engine reliability due to a clean cylinder-piston group
Savings on repairs and maintenance
Comfort from reduced noise and vibrations
Fuel savings of up to 10%
Soft and fast engine start
Reduced acceleration time of the vehicle
Enhanced smoothness of vehicle motion
Elimination of detonation
No, this is not an octane booster. O2 Drive changes the fuel at a molecular level without changing its standard specification.

Our Contacts

Office in St. Petersburg
Phone: 8 (812) 688-89-97
Email: o2drive@extroel.com
Address: Russia, St. Petersburg, Kazanskaya Street, Building 7A, Letter A, Office 3A
Business Center "Kvarengi Palace"